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The magnificence of a mother’s love

A mother's loveWhen we were kids, we wondered who Mom and Dad loved the most. There has to be a “best” or “the most” in every situation, right?! How can a mother’s love or a father’s love extend to all the kids?

To some extent, I think we still think the same way until we have children of our own. It’s a hard concept to fathom until you’ve actually experienced multiple littles. I remember when girl child was born and our family was a family of three. This was wonderful. She was everything we wanted in a child. We enjoyed her so much and loved her to pieces.

And then, out of the blue we found out that boy child was on the way. How in the world would we love him as much as we loved girl child?! How is that even possible? Before his arrival I often thought of how I would try to make myself love him equally. How can a mother’s love grow to more children? Looking back, how foolish a thought that was. When he arrived, I instantly loved him to pieces, too. I didn’t have to try to love him- it just poured out of me. And there was no taking away of any of the love I had for girl child. I didn’t have to divide my love at all. There was just more of it. And the very same thing happened again with the arrival of baby girl.

It’s an interesting thing- a mother’s love for her children. The mother’s heart doesn’t ever run out of love. Whether there is one child or seven children- there is enough love. And it’s not “just enough” love, but abundant love. And it’s not measurable; it’s overflowing and never-ending. It’s relentless.

What an example of the love the Father bestows on us. How many children does He have? And how does He love all of us? Equally? Uniquely? Such a beautiful example of His love for us is our love for our own children.

We don’t question our love for our children. Why, then, would we ever question God’s love for us- His own children?

Children, Family

Infected by her joy

12802996_10209159384369682_1643090722240658745_nThis is what I had envisioned for my girls. I want them to be close and I want them to lean on each other- to be the unwavering support for each other when others around them fail them.

I won’t lie and tell you this is how my girls are all the time. At this point in their self-centered lives, they are loud and whiny and stubborn but I already see the seeds of reliability and loyalty starting to sprout…especially with girl child (our older girl).

She has such a caring heart for others. She is compassionate toward those who are sad. She is a giver and she loves to see how her actions make others happy. I believe God gave her a very special gift of kindness and caring and I love to see her use it. Though there’s a little shyness in her at first, she so very much likes to talk to people and interact with them, no matter the age. She crafts handmade cards and writes individual messages to special people in her life so they don’t miss how much they mean to her.

I love this about girl child. Baby girl is starting to follow her lead a little bit but I love how ingrained this is in girl child’s personality. She loves Jesus with all her heart, she loves her family with all her heart and she loves others with all her heart.

What a gem she is.

She sings from the depths of her soul, she dances with a boldness that must make God smile. Her laughter comes from her belly and everyone around her is unmistakably infected with her joy when they hear it.

Though I never want to rush childhood in my children, I can’t wait to see the young lady she becomes as she grows older. What a gem, indeed.