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So Strong and So Mighty

So Strong and so mightyRemember the song, “My God is so big, so strong and so mighty. There’s nothing my God cannot do”?

The mountains are His, the valleys are His. The stars are His handiwork too.

Recently I got to see something that reminded me of my childhood church. I saw a Bible Study where the folks (mostly older adults…there’s something there, too) came to each other, hugged each other, checked in on each other, exchanged smiles, enjoyed a laugh, called out to each other. I couldn’t help but think that these lovely people are an example of what we have lost in our society.

These people surely had opinions on what was going on in the world, immigration issues, whether they want more gun control or not, their thoughts on the President…the list goes on. But more so, they kept it to themselves. They didn’t plaster their polarizing opinions on social media in an attempt to be the single-handed catalyst that our United States needs right now.

Looking at these people made me long for my own childhood days of church where folks just wanted to see how “your Momma and them” are doing. Where they gathered together in earnest prayer and thanksgiving.

I think of my kids.

I give them an instruction to clean the family room. Simple enough… “Just pick up your own things. Worry about yourself.”

And then, it starts. The arguing. Sometimes they argue with each other over literally the stupidest things. Oh, they seem so important to them but as the adult peering over them, I can assure you that this thing they’re arguing about is so very unimportant. Not only that, their arguments are weak and frankly riddled with logic holes. They are just too immature and busy arguing to even realize it.

I call the offending children to me and there standing before me are two kids still going at it with each other. Each thinking of how important it is that they win this argument.

strong and so mightyThis makes me think of how we look in front of our Lord. And when I say “we”, I mean the body of Christ. We bicker and argue over the nastiness of our President, gun control, violence, world issues, free enterprise, capitalism, abortion, immigration…right in front of Him. He has given us the instruction to love our neighbor as ourselves, to follow Him and to lead others to a saving knowledge of Christ. Simple enough.

Then why are we bickering with each other? Why are we debating each other? Because of all the squabbling I’ve seen and heard, I’ve not seen or heard of one person actually doing something about it other than working out the finger muscles as a keyboard jockey, spewing back-handed insults at brothers and sisters in the name of calling out injustice.

In love, of course. As if that makes it ok.

I think God is powerful enough and the Holy Spirit moves fine without our opinions. God wins in the end. God is in control. And God is enough. What if, instead of wasting time convincing the other person why he’s wrong, we got on our knees in prayer? What if we humble ourselves to the Lord and pray?

Do you think God is big enough and strong enough?


The brave little boy

1426746_10202812069690782_1498832012_nThere once was a young boy who tended sheep in the pasture. He loved his sheep but had a thought that maybe he was destined for something great. He couldn’t imagine what that greatness would be since he was small and still young. But that thought grew inside him. He wondered what that greatness would be. It certainly couldn’t be tending silly sheep forever, although the sheep appreciated his protection and care.

Every day he wandered around the pasture field, sat on rocks nearby his grazing sheep, listened to the birds in the trees singing away, he felt the breeze through his hair and he sat. And watched. And waited.

Day after day after day he did this…quietly wondering what else there was in store for him.

One day, the young boy’s father asked him to deliver some food to his brothers in another town and return straight home. Where the brothers were, there was a lot of fighting and the area was quite dangerous, especially for a young boy. The men were all assembled in an army to fight an enemy trying to take over the land.

So the young boy did as he was told. He hid from danger when he could and he sneaked the food to his brothers just like his father had told him. When the young boy met his brothers, he saw something strange and scary.

There was a man…a giant on the hill across the field shouting angrily. When he asked the brothers what was going on, they told him to leave at once. But the boy didn’t leave…he tried to hear what the huge man was yelling.

The young boy looked around him at his brothers’ army and only saw the men cowering in fear. He ran back to his brothers and asked them why no one will fight the giant. The brothers, astounded at the question, only told their young brother to look at the size of the giant.

“No one wants to be killed and that will surely happen if any of us goes to fight him!”

But the boy had a feeling…a thought inside of him. He knew this was the greatness that was bubbling inside of him all this time. He looked around and found five stones and put them in his pocket. The young boy grabbed the slingshot from his back pocket that he used to scare off wolves back in the sheep pasture.

Something came over the young boy. He was filled with confidence and he knew this was the greatness he had wondered about. His brothers saw the young boy get his slingshot ready and they realized what he was going to do. They yelled to him to stop and tried to run after him but they became afraid when they heard the giant and saw him on the hill. They knew they were seeing the last of their young brother.

The young boy walked toward the giant and the giant only began to laugh when he saw the little boy. “This is what you send to fight me?” the giant laughed.

But the young boy wasn’t swayed. “My God will help me kill you!” the young boy shouted, somewhat astounded at his own words, but confident in their truth. “All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves; for the battle is the Lord’s, and he will give all of you into our hands.”

He put a stone in the slingshot and slowly began to spin it above his head, never taking his eyes off the giant who was now stomping toward him.

The giant seemed to grow in size as he came closer to the boy and everyone around thought they were about to see the poor boy be killed. With a deep breath and a quiet prayer, the young boy released the first stone and watched it fly toward the giant, who didn’t even seem to notice the rock headed toward him.

The stone was steady on its course and time seemed to slow as the stone flew in the air. The giant suddenly locked eyes on the approaching stone, but it was too late. As the giant began to raise his arm to swat the stone away, it had already reached the giant’s head.

The entire field of armies was silent as they all watched what was taking place between the giant and the small boy. In that silence, you could hear the crack of the stone as it hit the giant’s head. The giant flung his head back in response to the unexpected impact. For what seemed like forever the giant just froze, staring at the young boy.

The young boy locked eyes with the giant and slowly slid his hand into his pocket to grab another stone but then he let go of it. The giant began to fall forward…first his knees crashed to the ground and then his torso struck the grassy field, which altogether made a loud boom. The giant’s head was the last to hit the ground and it bounced as the giant came to rest on the very spot he was yelling from earlier.

Silence flooded the region. What did everyone just see?

This young boy, trusting God and with the confidence of his simple slingshot just slayed a giant…on the first try.

(from 1 Samuel 17)