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Waiting on God- A Short Devotional

Waiting on God
Waiting on God

Waiting on God’s Timing

I wanted to share this devotional specifically for the one who is waiting for children. This is actually my testimony and honestly one of my prized possessions because it’s my proof of God’s unfailing love for me. Whether you are husbands or wives, waiting on children is especially difficult. We were in that same season of waiting for twelve years.

Let me preface this by saying what I’m about to tell you doesn’t mean you’ll definitely have children. The lesson I want to share with you that took me twelve years to learn is that God’s plan is good. Whatever it is.

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Think on These Things- A Short Devotional

Think On These Things
Think On These Things

Here’s a really good verse to nosh on for a bit…it’s Philippians 4:8 and it says this:

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

This verse is so important, especially in our sinful world today. Think of what you watched on TV, what you listened to in the car, what you heard in conversation. How about what you saw online or heard on the news. What did you read on Facebook?

Were those things any of the following?

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Being a Good Friend- Children’s Bible Study

Being a Good FriendWe are so excited to announce our newest children’s Bible study, hot off the press! This Bible study is called ‘Being a Good Friend’ and it’s geared toward younger children so it’s a simple but effective walk through scripture passages each week night over the course of a month. Each day highlights a Bible verse that talks specifically about friendship. Of course the greatest display of friendship was when Jesus laid His own life down for His friends so moving through these scriptures with your children will give them a clear understanding of what a good friend looks like, both being a friend to others and also what a friend should look like to your child.

This is a great time to talk about being a good friend with school starting back up. It’s so easy for children to gravitate toward unhealthy relationships in school and in the neighborhood. But when you plant seeds of scripture in their hearts when they’re young, they will better be able to discern between good and not so good choices. And when they find friends that bring out their very best, your children will grow in healthy and strong relationships that they will come to depend on when things get tough.

As far as Bible study goes, you can never start too early with your children. This simple, quick study gives you the time with your child to study the scriptures together. For you to model what Bible study looks like, and for your child to begin her journey with Christ.

Encourage your child to journal during the process- for him to write down his thoughts. And for her to put into her own words what the scriptures mean to her. Not only will you have a precious keepsake, but your child will be developing Bible study skills along the way.

We sure do hope you like this simplistic children’s Bible study. And we pray that this precious time with your child is a blessing to you. Here’s the link for you to sign up to receive the free Bible study: Bible study

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So…A lot to talk about!

37a7c3fa-c3d3-4e5c-8368-eb13b909bae2-jpgThe primary purpose of this blog is really a humorous memento for my children to document the stories that otherwise might be forgotten and also so others have the opportunity to follow along…and to those folks, thanks for following along!

That being said, the below is a message to my children:

My darling children,

A few days ago we elected a new president for our country. This has brought out a new level of crazy in the people of our country and now that we all know what each others’ innermost thoughts and feelings are (thank you, social media for providing us with an irresistible vehicle to share things we have no business saying out loud, much less writing it down and saving it for the ages), we have drawn a line in the sand. Some of us are on the “right” side and some of us are on the “wrong” side.

So, which side is right and which is wrong? Good question. It depends on who you ask.

The beauty of our uniquely designed country is that we have freedoms to think and speak our minds, no matter how delusional we actually are. So long as we aren’t breaking our laws we can be bat crap crazy, worship a spaghetti colander, eat upside down and speak only in pig latin. For the record…you will do none of these things because we raised you better than that, but you get my point.

Now lately, a problem is starting to bubble in this great country. For some reason, we as a nation seem to have intertwined our freedom to think and speak with the notion that only what we individually think and speak is correct and anyone who has a differing opinion should be burned in effigy, pushed off a cliff, hanged in the town square or launched into space tied to a rocket ship.

Believe it or not, we even see this within our own church! Within our own church! I know, right?!  People no longer associate with Daddy and me because they think they know what we believe and what we are against, which may differ with what they believe. And rather than have a conversation with us, they choose to judge us harshly and walk away.

We seem to be losing our ability to have differing opinions and a sound, logical disagreement with our fellow citizens. This is such a beautiful art and it’s dying.

I think it’s dying because there’s a moral decay happening. Generally speaking, we aren’t polite to each other anymore. We don’t care about others. We want to be first. We are most important. We are too busy. We are too selfish. We are too rotten and spoiled. That’s right…we are spoiled!

Imagine what a society that genuinely cares about each other looks like. I mean GENUINELY cares for each other. GENUINELY. CARES. I imagine it would look a lot like what I see in you children when you offer to share your dessert with your friend or when you deliver the Christmas cards you made to folks in nursing homes. Or when you share your toy with brother or sister when he or she has gotten hurt.

So, in everything that you do…be kind to others. Be kind to animals. Be patient. Be understanding. Listen- truly listen. Be selfless. Be generous. Be the person God designed you to be.

I hope that by the time you read this years from now, our country has healed and has come together. But just in case it sucks, know that Jesus has won the battle and that God’s plan reigns. He is still on His throne and He is still coming to retrieve His children. Nothing about His plan changes. You will always have that Hope.

So keep being kind until He comes back, even when it’s hard. I love you three more than all the sand on the beach and the stars in the heavens.








Ten seconds or less?

Ten Second Message

Can you share the love of Jesus in ten seconds or less? Interesting challenge! Check out the designs on our new store and tell me what you think. It’s just the beginning and more designs will be added shortly. Kind of a shameless plug but I’d love to hear from you on what you think (please go easy on me, though!). If you’ve got a moment, check out our new store by clicking on the link below.

Ten Second Message

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Good from bad

So sometimes life is kind of crappy. No matter what’s going on, you just can’t seem to get above it. It just stinks. Why keep trying?

People often say ,“Why does God let bad things happen to good people?”

What a huge question…especially to those who don’t have faith or believe in the God who gave us His best.

He gave us His Son who took on the sin of the world.
Your sin and mine.
He had to look away from His own Son.
For us.

We live in a broken and fractured world, tarnished by Satan. We live in a world where Satan does all he can to ruin God-purposed lives. The bad is because of Satan. Plain and simple.

So then, why does God just “let” bad things happen if He’s so powerful? Why doesn’t He just use His power and fix it?

God doesn’t need to prove His power to us. That’s not how He wants us to choose Him. He wants us freely, despite when bad things happen.

Our free will.
Our decision to follow Him.

There’s a scripture that says “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

So when bad things happen, God makes good out of it. Bad things happen because this world is sinful. It can’t be a perfect world. That’s not God’s fault. That’s our fault. So it’s not His fault when things go bad here.

But God is loving and kind and uses bad things to make good things.

IMG_8949All bad things have side effects. Bad things can make us stronger, they can give us perspective to help others who are going through a similar situation, they can draw us closer to family.

There’s a tree in our yard that smells just horrible when the Spring comes. Sometimes I look at that tree and think it’s horrible! But recently, my little boy brought me a flower from that tree and honestly it’s beautiful.

Beautiful things come from horrible things.



What did you just say?!?

I will never forget the day we brought our older daughter (barely 3 years old at the time) home from daycare and sat her in her chair to get ready for dinner only to have her blurt out, “Shut up, Mommy!”

What in the? Where did she learn this? And ouch! My beautiful baby who was perfect in every way just told her Mommy to shut up. We couldn’t decide if we were angry, astounded, speechless…and, let’s be honest, a teeny bit tickled- very teeny bit. But seriously- we were not happy!

You can’t “unring” a bell and as much as we tried not to show any sign of being unhappy with her latest statement, she apparently saw the shock on our faces because she instantly repeated herself to us with sparkles in her eyes and a huge grin on her face.

“OK, that’s enough…it’s time to eat dinner,” I “calmly” said. Then, silence as she poured over her dinner and babbled blissfully about other things. Without notice, it happened again. “Shut up!”

We need to nip this in the bud before it gets out of control…so Daddy said, “No, ma’am…we do not say that. It’s not nice. If you say ‘shut up’ again, you will sit in time-out.” That sent her into a giggle fit where upon she repeated it again.

OK, now it’s on…we pulled her chair from the table and turned it around to face the garage door. More importantly, she was no longer in front of her audience which sent her into a crying fit! She did her time in time-out and the rest of the evening was largely uneventful. But that incident was the first of several wake-up calls we had about how we needed to start really developing our plan of how we were going to combat this type of information breech.

Our first and immediate solution was to change the daycare from a public one to a private, Christian preschool. One that taught Bible lessons, addressed negative behaviors rather than simply “redirected” them, and one that made the children accountable for their actions in age-appropriate ways. Thank God we found one- they are actually a little harder to find than you would think!

You cannot imagine the peace we felt when we were getting ready to sit down at the dinner table soon after the children began attending “church school” as they called it. Out of nowhere, our daughter- with her eyes sparkling and her smile huge- began to tell us…

God made the sun

God made the sea

God made the fishes

And God made me.

Thank you for the sun

Thank you for the sea

Thank you for the fishes

And thank you for me!