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37a7c3fa-c3d3-4e5c-8368-eb13b909bae2-jpgThe primary purpose of this blog is really a humorous memento for my children to document the stories that otherwise might be forgotten and also so others have the opportunity to follow along…and to those folks, thanks for following along!

That being said, the below is a message to my children:

My darling children,

A few days ago we elected a new president for our country. This has brought out a new level of crazy in the people of our country and now that we all know what each others’ innermost thoughts and feelings are (thank you, social media for providing us with an irresistible vehicle to share things we have no business saying out loud, much less writing it down and saving it for the ages), we have drawn a line in the sand. Some of us are on the “right” side and some of us are on the “wrong” side.

So, which side is right and which is wrong? Good question. It depends on who you ask.

The beauty of our uniquely designed country is that we have freedoms to think and speak our minds, no matter how delusional we actually are. So long as we aren’t breaking our laws we can be bat crap crazy, worship a spaghetti colander, eat upside down and speak only in pig latin. For the record…you will do none of these things because we raised you better than that, but you get my point.

Now lately, a problem is starting to bubble in this great country. For some reason, we as a nation seem to have intertwined our freedom to think and speak with the notion that only what we individually think and speak is correct and anyone who has a differing opinion should be burned in effigy, pushed off a cliff, hanged in the town square or launched into space tied to a rocket ship.

Believe it or not, we even see this within our own church! Within our own church! I know, right?!  People no longer associate with Daddy and me because they think they know what we believe and what we are against, which may differ with what they believe. And rather than have a conversation with us, they choose to judge us harshly and walk away.

We seem to be losing our ability to have differing opinions and a sound, logical disagreement with our fellow citizens. This is such a beautiful art and it’s dying.

I think it’s dying because there’s a moral decay happening. Generally speaking, we aren’t polite to each other anymore. We don’t care about others. We want to be first. We are most important. We are too busy. We are too selfish. We are too rotten and spoiled. That’s right…we are spoiled!

Imagine what a society that genuinely cares about each other looks like. I mean GENUINELY cares for each other. GENUINELY. CARES. I imagine it would look a lot like what I see in you children when you offer to share your dessert with your friend or when you deliver the Christmas cards you made to folks in nursing homes. Or when you share your toy with brother or sister when he or she has gotten hurt.

So, in everything that you do…be kind to others. Be kind to animals. Be patient. Be understanding. Listen- truly listen. Be selfless. Be generous. Be the person God designed you to be.

I hope that by the time you read this years from now, our country has healed and has come together. But just in case it sucks, know that Jesus has won the battle and that God’s plan reigns. He is still on His throne and He is still coming to retrieve His children. Nothing about His plan changes. You will always have that Hope.

So keep being kind until He comes back, even when it’s hard. I love you three more than all the sand on the beach and the stars in the heavens.







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