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No wi-fi. No problem.

img_1075We are busy. You are busy. That’s just the way it is now and that’s a problem.

Remember as a kid when you just had school during the day? You got off the school bus and the beautiful afternoon air beckoned you to your bike or your roller skates. You peddled to your heart’s content with your friends all over the neighborhood. Only when the tree frogs started croaking, the cool evening air swept across your sweaty face and the street lights came on did you come to terms with the fact that the day is over and it’s time to head inside for the night.

I know we don’t live in that world anymore. It’s sad, though, because that was a great world to live in. Now we long to be connected to the internet, to technology, television, video games, smartphones…

I’m the first to tell you that we pack our days with things to do and stuff to accomplish. We have the prerequisite things our kids participate in for their “social health?” for lack of a better word. We send them to dance, martial arts, kids programs at church. There’s not a day in the week where we have the afternoon and evening free. Most weekends end up belonging to some event we’ve committed to.

But I will tell you there are no better words on the cusp of opportunity that a child can utter than “I’m bored!” because that’s where magic begins.

My first response is to try to find something for the kids to do and that’s a problem. I don’t know why I am triggered to do that because some of the greatest and most productive days in a child’s play life happen when he or she is bored.

Parents…let your children be bored.

I know it’s hard to let them be bored and miserable and pouty. I get that…but stick it out because you’re stronger than they are. And as sure as I breathe in and out, your children will find something to do. Better than that, they will exercise their brains in the most creative ways.

They will be active. They will lift things, drag things, attach things, connect things, tape things, color things, cut things, stack things, run around things, hide under things…the list goes on and on and on.

And they will laugh, they will imagine, they will tell stories…and if you get to be a fly on the wall and listen to this entry into an almost forgotten world, please enjoy it vicariously.

Remember those days when you were bored…they were the best days and you know it.


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