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What’s going on in that little brain?!

img_1413Baby girl’s imagination is exploding lately.

At any point, I can find her chatting blissfully away with her animals in a carefully crafted tea party. Her little mind runs constantly with dialogue between baby dolls, stuffed puppy dogs, a stuffed sting ray and a little pink fuzzy snake…all while she carefully and lovingly prepares her magic appetizers for her guests.

I hear her talk to each guest with unique conversation and I also hear their replies to her inquisitiveness in their own voices, no less. It’s kind of like listening to Christof talk to Sven in the Disney movie, ‘Frozen’. Each animal has it’s own voice and it’s own opinions.

She’s so intentional and genuine in her conversations with her little friends gathered at the little pink tea party rug.

She’s so patient with each one when they don’t quite stand up right or when they fall into her tasty treats she’s placed in front of them.

She enjoys their friendships.

She appreciates her little stuffed friends.

She’s also very specific on how she interacts with her stuffed friends. Some get to come with her on outings, others need to stay behind with the group of friends. Some get sick, some get boo-boos, some get scared and some get lost.

We try not to interrupt her meetings with her little friends…there’s important things happening in those moments. It’s a great opportunity to see what’s going on inside Baby Girl’s mind and heart:

  • How she manages her little friendships
  • How she processes fairness
  • How she consoles and comforts her little friends
  • How she takes pride in her tea party presentations
  • How loyal she is to her friends
  • How freely she invites new stuffed animals into her party of friends

I can’t help but think I’m watching her develop her actions, feelings and coping skills for the friends that await her later in her life.

Everything I’m seeing so far looks good so I owe many thanks to Baby Girl’s stuffed animals!


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