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40th Trip Around the Sun

IMG_0710Today I sit near our pool while my children are swimming for what might be one last time of the season. Our nighttime temps are dipping into the upper 60s now, so the pool cools down more than it warms up each day. Soon enough, it’ll be time to empty the pool, fold it up and put it away for another season.

Today also happens to be my birthday.

A day of reflection…if you’ll indulge me.

On my 40th trip around the sun, I have a beautiful 7 year old daughter. She’s a gem and the world is lucky she’s here. She brings smiles to whomever she encounters and she loves Jesus with everything she has.

I have a fantastically smart 6 year old boy. He quietly observes and absorbs the world around him. He builds incredible objects with his Legos and K’nex pieces. A remarkable boy who will do amazing things.

I have an adorably precocious 3 year old girl. This girl is dangerously beautiful, she is fearless and confident yet she always makes sure the tight grip she has on her Daddy always remains intact.

I have a dedicated and handsome husband and I have his complete and undivided attention. I belly laugh with him all the time. He lets my crazy be on full display and he never once calls me on it. He is strong and focused on our family and on his full-time job of homeschooling our children. And they are thriving under his teaching.

Who would’ve thought after all this time that I would be so rich with the greatest jewels anyone could ever want. I almost hate for this time to pass, but I’m also so excited to see what’s next. I love this. Sometimes it is full on psycho in this house and the volume impressively annoying but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

This family is exactly what I always wanted. I am so fortunate.

Happy birthday to me.

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