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Stop picking your nose!

Boogies.pngI can’t tell you how many times I’ve said this phrase! Any of you reading this who have children have probably said this phrase about as often as I have. It’s amazing how often I have to say this and I get that all kids do it, that all kids think it’s funny and that all kids at some point will subsequently eat said boogies.

Any of this sound familiar??

  • Go put your jammies on…stop picking your nose!
  • Look both ways before crossing the street…stop picking your nose!
  • Let’s head into church, we’re late…stop picking your nose!
  • Go sit down, it’s time for dinner…stop picking your nose!
  • Put your shoes on…stop picking your nose!
  • Hang up your wet bath towel…stop picking your nose!
  • Time to make your bed…stop picking your nose!
  • Hey, look at this cool butterfly…stop picking your nose!
  • Brush your teeth…stop picking your nose!
  • Help me pick up sticks in the yard before Daddy mows the grass…stop picking your nose!
  • Take this bag inside for me?…stop picking your nose!
  • Go say goodbye to Grandma before she leaves…stop picking your nose!

Now I know some of my kids, if not all, will at some point be mortified at the thought of nose picking in public and will equally be upset at the contents of this post. But it’s no secret that ALL KIDS PICK THEIR NOSE!

It’s just funny to me how much of my day is spent saying these magical words: “stop picking your nose!”

Boy child even corrects me when I say it by telling me he’s not “picking his nose”, he’s cleaning it out.

In all fairness, he is our most finicky and particular about his hygiene and methods of cleanliness. It’s only fitting that the cleanliness includes his nasal passages, I guess.

3 thoughts on “Stop picking your nose!”

    1. lol…it’s a fun time, for sure. Just tell yourself “all kids do this!” and know that all parents of kids (if they see your kid doing it) don’t think anything of it because they too know that all kids do it! haha!

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