What’s my gift?

FullSizeRender-7Yesterday I ran to the home improvement store to pick up a few things, including some supplies for girl child’s last science experiment for her class. She is testing her hypothesis on which type of water will make a plant grow best.

Since a lot of what I was getting was for her, I smuggled her out of the house so as not to alert boy child or baby girl that we were going somewhere without them!

The trip itself was largely uneventful…we picked up the supplies we needed and headed to check out. Of course, girl child stops to smell the flowers and I love that she loves this.

When we we in the car returning home, girl child asked me what her gift was. I know what she meant by this because she likes to ask this question. This is how she starts a conversation about God. What gift He has blessed her with. There is something distinctly unique about her- she knows it and we see it. We’ve talked to her about how God has a distinct purpose for her and that He’s given her specific gifts so she can complete her purpose. I think that idea intrigues her as she is also very nosey by nature and wants to know what’s going on at all times, so the idea that there’s a plan in her life but she doesn’t yet know what it is is extremely interesting to her.

I told her that God knew millions and billions of years ago that she would be created when she was and the way she was. And, He knew that she would have a specific purpose for Him. She asked me what that purpose was and I told her honestly that I didn’t know. But in God’s time He will let her know.

In the course of this conversation, which seems very deep but in actuality was very light and simple, I decided to give girl child a new idea to munch on so I asked her why God put us on Earth instead of just making us in Heaven. This thought really got her little wheels spinning and while she was pondering, I gave her a possible answer:

What if God put us on Earth- messy, sinful Earth- to give us the chance to decide for ourselves to choose God? Rather than just putting us in Heaven, He has allowed us to experience this life and come to our own conclusion that God is who we want and Heaven is where we want to be.

She liked this idea a lot and it gave her subsequent thoughts of how people choose God and how some don’t choose Him. How some people don’t know to choose Him. That’s when I reminded her of her gift and her purpose…

What if God knew you would choose Him? He’s going to use you to help others choose Him. Looking back in the rearview mirror, I saw beaming eyes and a smile that said that she liked that idea.



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