She stole my wheel!!

IMG_9293Ah, little kid arguments…the epitome of logic and reasoning at it’s finest. And the tactic of out screaming each other to explain why the other child is wrong is probably my favorite part of little kid arguments.

Imagine if you will, a car ride with three young children in tow. Each child has brought a toy or animal along to occupy each child (any possibly to be used in a round of light teasing/ tormenting). Mostly, the ride is uneventful and moderately calm. Consider the time of day and each child’s stamina to maintain their cool; we are talking around 3:00pm after a day of playing outside and walking around a lake at a park. Oh, and we also picked up girl child’s new bike she got for her birthday…which was in January. Don’t judge.

Anyway, lots of energy and tiredness and excitement all rolled up into one SUV. All that said, the kiddos were actually being pretty good. Boy child and baby girl were entertaining each other with their imaginary steering wheels in the imaginary cars they were driving. They were following along the path the actual car was taking…baby girl has the best view out the front windshield as her car seat is in the middle of the back seat.

Boy child has decided that the driving is way too safe, so he begins to violently turn his steering wheel back and forth, while baby girl is becoming visibly upset that he would so carelessly and recklessly drive his imaginary car. The nerve of that boy. As much as baby girl pleads with boy child to be careful and drive right, it only serves to increase his dare devil driving, which in turn further increases baby girl’s apprehension that something bad is going to happen!

So, as limited as she is in her ability to fix this atrocious problem, she proceeds to steal boy child’s wheel…his imaginary wheel. When she did this, he flipped out and started shouting, “Give me my wheel back!!!”. Obviously, baby girl struck a nerve and she was pleased as punch that she was successful in removing this dangerous driver from the imaginary road.

Boy child, however was not happy and no matter how much I told him to imagine his wheel back, he just couldn’t get past the notion that baby girl stole his wheel and she was getting away with it. Needless to say, the rest of the ride home was rather loud and irrational.

So yeah. Logic. It doesn’t live at our house just yet…

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