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Tending the garden

Girl child and I have been working on a gardening badge for our Adventure Club. Rather than let her loose on an existing garden (my OCD cannot take it, sorry), we decided that she should plant her own little garden and tend to it all by herself.

IMG_9011Now these Adventure Club meetings are good for both her and me as we get quality time- just Momma and girl child. We decided that we needed to discuss plants in general and a good way to do that is while we waited for a freshly baked pizza at our local pizza joint.

Girl child has been studying about plants for school so she was impressively capable of telling me about the many parts of a plant. We talked about how a plant gets its food since it can’t just walk to the grocery store. She even knows the humongous name for this process. Quick pop quiz…do you know?? The answer’s at the bottom 🙂

She named things like leaves, petals, stamen, sepals, roots, anther and pollen. (This girl knows her plant parts!). We talked about what the roots do, how pollen is delivered, and how the leaves help with food production. Then, our food arrived and we just ate while we watched cowboys lasso cattle at a rodeo on a TV at the restaurant. There really is no better entertainment whilst eating pizza, am I right?

IMG_9012After dinner, we headed to the plant nursery to pick out a pot and some flowers. Girl child found a nice, big, purple pot! Next, we thought about how much light each plant needed, how much water and how big each plant would get. Girl child considered each plant carefully and, ever-mindful of her love of all things pink and purple, picked out three beauties- a snap dragon, a petunia and an african daisy. We set off for home to get them planted.


IMG_9017Girl child dawned her pink gloves and got started with her garden planting. Again, my OCD kicked in and I wanted to help her, but I sat on my hands and let her do the whole thing by herself. She was careful to put soil in the bottom and then she placed each plant exactly where she wanted them. Close, but not too close, to each other. Then she filled in the “between parts” with additional soil. Finally, she gave them a good drink of water and picked out where her garden would live…our front porch!


img_9095And when she was done, she was pleased as punch that she has her very own beautiful garden that she is now responsible for.


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