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His favorite part of the day

IMG_8952There isn’t a kid on the planet who doesn’t like a story before bedtime. I’ll admit that story time hadn’t been a staple of the bedtime routine for our kids but lately, we’ve started ending the day with a story. Dad reads the girl children a story while I hop into boy child’s bed with him to read a story to him.

He likes the individual attention…a lot! One night as I was about to start “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!” (great story, by the way!), boy child snuggled right up to me and whispered, “Mommy this is my favorite part of the day!”

Excuse me while I sop up my heart, which is now a puddle on the floor…

Sometimes, just getting to the kids’ bedtime is in itself a victory and a relief. Yeah, I said it. Bedtime rocks. That gives mom and dad about an hour and a half to do all the grown up things we can’t do when the children are conscious. Everything! Personal finances, general house cleaning (smuggling old toys outside for donation), movie watching, exercise, toenail painting and dare I say it…”roll in the hay” time! Lol

But, I will say this…as tired, frustrated and irritated as I am by the time the kids’ bedtime rolls around, once we’ve picked out a book and I climb into boy child’s bed and he snuggles over to my shoulder so he can look at the pictures and watch the words go by as I read, I’m glad I’m there with him.

I’m glad it’s his favorite part of the day. I’m glad he wants me to be with him. And I enjoy the story we read. I enjoy that he enjoys it and I love his commentary throughout the story.

One day soon he won’t want his mom reading kid stories to him. And it won’t be his favorite part of the day anymore…it’ll just be something we used to do.

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