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What a wonderful world it would be

11987151_10208003029901543_6022428606848307989_n (1)Once again we are having a conversation about the cost of things and once again, my blessed littles do not understand that things cost money. This is the funniest lack of concept to me, knowing the cost of things, to see them completely not understand that things like water gushing out of the faucet costs money! That the electricity running through the millions of lights that are left on all over our house actually costs money! That the drink the car gets at the gas station costs money! Who are the keepers of all of this money anyway??

It is once again milkshake night…if you are unaware of the origin of our milkshake night, see this. I had this brilliant idea that I would get the kiddos their milkshakes and then head across the street to fill up the car with gas, thereby passing more time for the kids to enjoy their tasty treats and making sure I leave Daddy the kid mobile with more than fumes in the gas tank.

So here we are in the drive through of the fast food establishment (which shall receive no free advertising on my account until they pay me for it) and I have just paid at Window 1. Girl child starts to wonder aloud about things of life and then asks me how much money the guy at the window gave me.

“Um, he didn’t give me any money…I gave him money,” I tell girl child. She is visibly quite irritated for some reason and asks me why I have to give him money.

“Well, if he gives me a milkshake, I have to pay for it. I can’t just have it for free,” I tell girl child.

She looks at me rather frankly and says, “You know it would just be easier if he just gave us the milkshakes for free.” Yes, girl child, it would.

Wouldn’t it be nice if that’s how the world worked?!


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