Sunshine in a letter

We are in that stage where our kids are writing a lot. On everything. Drawing paper, cards, boxes, walls, random objects…each other. IMG_8487They are still sounding words out so sometimes when we are investigating a vandalism crime, it’s fun to figure out what the encrypted message was.

They love to write messages to each other, to Santa (doesn’t matter that it’s not Christmas time), to neighbors. They love labeling objects to be sure everyone knows what the product is.

Our girl child absolutely loves to make cards for all the special people in her life. Once she sets her sights on the individual, she quickly gets to work preparing a note, complete with hand-drawn pictures (usually a portrait of the person, girl child and her bear) and a personal message…usually saying that she loves that person. And whoever that person is ends up receiving about 4 or 5 notes over the course of a few weeks, depending on how often she sees him or her.

Interestingly enough, I think some folks are actually uncomfortable being the recipient of such a note. What is truly an innocent appreciation and affection from a young child has been turned into an awkward acceptance of the note or card. Girl child doesn’t see it and she’s pleased as punch to deliver some sunshine to people. But I see it. And sometimes it really chaps my hide to think that a grown person doesn’t appreciate something so sweet and tender from a child.

I try to subtly redirect girl child’s focus to people I know will be appreciative and gracious of her gesture. It makes her so happy to tell people how she feels, how much they mean to her, how important they are in her life. I think this is one of her gifts. Not just a gift of socializing, but a gift of lifting spirits of others. We flex these muscles with special hand-made cards and goodies we deliver to nursing homes or the local police station.

I hope she doesn’t lose this care and desire to lift the spirits of others. It’s such a valuable gift to have in what is becoming a more dark and uncaring world. I pray her little heart stays safe and people don’t trample on it.

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  1. Love this! This is soooo my CamMan too! Best gift for him for his bday…. Pads and pads of “post it notes”. He writes his messages and leaves them all over! It’s great! At grandmas it’s paper and tape and you can always tell when CamMan or Boops have been there because….there are love notes to the grandparents literally taped everywhere! 🙂 love this post!

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