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Did a bomb go off in here?!

Kids are messy. So very messy.

IMG_8422And bless their hearts, they don’t try to be messy. It’s just a natural progression of where their imagination and play takes them during the course of a day.

But sweet mother of all that’s holy, they are messy. There’s not even any sense to the madness of the mess. I can’t tell what was going on most times- what the story line was or what the point was of pulling literally everything out of its dedicated cubby. Sometimes I have to question whether we were burglarized at some point during the day.

There’s a balance between sanity and letting the kids have a wonderful time in their land of make believe. I’ve seen all of those cute little memes that say things like, “I’m sorry the house is a mess, we were making memories.” Yeah, I’m not that person. I used to think I was that person, but I’m not. Some days I may be a little lenient but reliably, I’m this close to losing my crap over how messy my house gets.

It’s been said that parenting is 90% threatening to throw their crap away if they don’t clean it up. Sometimes I feel like “clean this mess up!” is all we say. And there’s those parenting help articles that spell out how to properly assign age appropriate chores for your child so he or she can contribute to the family. I’m sure that looks like a Hallmark card in some peoples’ houses but we live in reality.

We have a lot going on and we are tired and we are potty training a child and we are homeschooling and it’s been raining a lot lately and we have birthday parties and there’s just… a lot going on. Yes, we try to teach the kids about cleaning up and taking good care of their things, but they need to study that lesson a bit because they don’t have it down quite yet.

So guess what? Sometimes my house looks like a bomb went off. Sometimes my dishes aren’t done and there’s a lingering aroma of dinner lurking in the kitchen long after dinner was served. Many times there’s a pile of kid laundry and a kitchen table that has a bazillion tiny pieces of paper that were painstakingly cut up by one of our darling children for some reason that no longer matters.

I say all this to make you feel better about your house. If your house looks like a bomb went off and you have three young children running around laughing and goofing around while wrecking your place…just know that my house looks that way, too. Tornado alley sometimes at my house. And I’m right with you when it’s time for company to come over and there’s the race to make the house not look like a crap can. And I’m there, too, in that rare sweet moment when there’s no strange smell in your house, the carpet is visible and clean, and you know where the remote controls are for your TV.

No judgment here on the current state of your house. We can be tornado chasers together and simply survey the damage of the aftermath with awe and wonder.




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  1. Amen. I feel like this is my house ALWAYS!! I have threatened to throw toys away too! I saw one of those memes that says “cleaning your house with children in it is like brushing your teeth with a mouthful of Oreos. Ain’t that the truth? Clean it all up and have it all looking nice and then….the kids come home and it’s a giant mess again in a matter of minutes! Gotta love the kiddos! 😉

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