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You’re Not Too Big to Clean Up Poop!

So this Powerball lottery is over a billion dollars now and the dreaming is kicked into high gear. Sorry, folks…we are going to be the sole winners this time around! 🙂

Husband and I were talking about houses and dreams of what we can do with the lottery winnings. We are on the same page in our dreaming-  we both want quality but not luxury. We want land, we want a farm, we want a beautiful but not overstated farmhouse that has quality amenities but nothing as fancy as an elevator. I’ll never be too rich to not be able to take my tail up a flight of stairs unassisted! (Obviously, health not being an issue)

Something we also thought about was the effect such a lifestyle would have on our young children. No matter how much we are worth, whether blessed with a lottery winning or continue in a modest lifestyle, we want our children to always recognize hard work and be willing to participate in it. To see the value of hard work and the satisfaction of it. To know they’ve done a good job and that they can do for themselves.

We would love to have a working farm. Nothing big or fancy…but just enough to reap the benefits of a beautiful vegetable garden, the ability to hunt game to feed our family and to experience the rewarding hard work of tending to small livestock. So despite something like lottery winnings we will never ourselves be, nor let our children be, too big or too important to clean up poop.

So to sum up today’s thought: Regardless of how much money you have or how much you are worth, never be too big to clean up poop.


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