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Schoola Free Shipping┬áRaising a family can be so expensive and the cost of things like children’s clothing can get out of hand quickly. Especially when you walk in the stores with the intoxicatingly adorable styles…before you know it, your money is just flying out of your pockets! The marketplace is a spot where we post deals and specials for children’s and family clothing and other items that we find through our affiliate partners. In layman’s terms, we receive a small payment for any purchase made as a result of clicking the link in this blog.

Now, we will never put something in the marketplace to advertise “just to make a buck”. The whole point of this blog is to help other families whenever we can through encouragement and support, through finding and sharing good deals, and offering valuable tips and tools for helping you keep your family frugal and also fun!

So this first deal we have found is through Schoola. This company is a second-hand clothing store. Let me repeat that so you know exactly what you’re looking at.

This company sells clothing second-hand.

So think online consignment shop. As they say, “Discover do-good deals on pre-loved clothes!” So you get the pre-loved clothes part, but what’s the do-good deals part about? Get this- the company donates 40% back to schools for things like PE programs. How cool is that?!

The clothing in this store are adorable. They are name-brand. And they are super cheap. Plus, they have free shipping for all orders over $25. Not bad.

So hop on over to Schoola and take a look around. Let us know if you get a good haul!

Schoola Free Shipping
The marketplace seeks to find and share good deals, smart shopping options and great finds that help you save money and provide for your family as frugally as possible. The name of the game is saving money and that’s what we aim to help you do!