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Lifelong friends

df2820c4-b8b6-4134-9482-82d6ce1118fb-jpgYou know what I love?? Seeing my girls being friends.

Sure, we have bickering and melt downs every single day but something’s starting to happen that I am so happy to see. There’s a friendship brewing!

The girls are about four years apart, which will be a lifetime of distance once girl child gets into her teenage years. But for now, they are still kind of close in age.

They share a room and they are also homeschooled so they are together (along with boy child) much more than other siblings usually would be. This is helpful as we try to cultivate their friendship.

Whenever we can, we try to remind the kids how important family is. We remind the kids that they will always have their brother/ sister to rely on. And it’s important to be there for each other. Even when they’ve grown. We’re talking about that now. Just so it’s in the back of their minds…brewing.

We like to put things in their minds to just marinate…things like always looking out for brother or sister. Like when the kids go to their Sunday School class. I remind boy child to look out for baby girl and make sure she’s ok. I remind him that he should make sure baby girl is safe because that’s what brothers do.

I remind girl child that she has a little shadow in baby girl. And sometimes that annoys girl child…the responsibility.

But…that’s family. God made girl child to be a big sister. When I remind her of that, she seems to take her job more seriously. After all, God gave her this assignment to be a big sister.

She does a good job, too. Baby girl looks up to girl child. She wants to be friends and she wants to do whatever girl child does. She values girl child’s ideas and she depends on girl child’s confidence when baby girl is unsure.

Even at the dentist. Recently, baby girl had her first dentist appointment and she was a little nervous. We all went since all the kids had appointments…but when it was baby girl’s turn in the chair, guess who she asked for?

Her friend…her big sister.

That’s what we want to see and that’s what we’re gonna try to keep instilling in the kids.

When the kids are grown and when they go their separate directions, we want them to be close in their hearts. We want them to remember they have each other when they feel like have no one else. When things aren’t going the way they hope. They will always be able to count on each other. And they’ll have each other long after Momma and Daddy go to heaven.

A lesson we continually teach now for a lifetime of usage.

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Infected by her joy

12802996_10209159384369682_1643090722240658745_nThis is what I had envisioned for my girls. I want them to be close and I want them to lean on each other- to be the unwavering support for each other when others around them fail them.

I won’t lie and tell you this is how my girls are all the time. At this point in their self-centered lives, they are loud and whiny and stubborn but I already see the seeds of reliability and loyalty starting to sprout…especially with girl child (our older girl).

She has such a caring heart for others. She is compassionate toward those who are sad. She is a giver and she loves to see how her actions make others happy. I believe God gave her a very special gift of kindness and caring and I love to see her use it. Though there’s a little shyness in her at first, she so very much likes to talk to people and interact with them, no matter the age. She crafts handmade cards and writes individual messages to special people in her life so they don’t miss how much they mean to her.

I love this about girl child. Baby girl is starting to follow her lead a little bit but I love how ingrained this is in girl child’s personality. She loves Jesus with all her heart, she loves her family with all her heart and she loves others with all her heart.

What a gem she is.

She sings from the depths of her soul, she dances with a boldness that must make God smile. Her laughter comes from her belly and everyone around her is unmistakably infected with her joy when they hear it.

Though I never want to rush childhood in my children, I can’t wait to see the young lady she becomes as she grows older. What a gem, indeed.