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Being a Good Friend- Children’s Bible Study

Being a Good FriendWe are so excited to announce our newest children’s Bible study, hot off the press! This Bible study is called ‘Being a Good Friend’ and it’s geared toward younger children so it’s a simple but effective walk through scripture passages each week night over the course of a month. Each day highlights a Bible verse that talks specifically about friendship. Of course the greatest display of friendship was when Jesus laid His own life down for His friends so moving through these scriptures with your children will give them a clear understanding of what a good friend looks like, both being a friend to others and also what a friend should look like to your child.

This is a great time to talk about being a good friend with school starting back up. It’s so easy for children to gravitate toward unhealthy relationships in school and in the neighborhood. But when you plant seeds of scripture in their hearts when they’re young, they will better be able to discern between good and not so good choices. And when they find friends that bring out their very best, your children will grow in healthy and strong relationships that they will come to depend on when things get tough.

As far as Bible study goes, you can never start too early with your children. This simple, quick study gives you the time with your child to study the scriptures together. For you to model what Bible study looks like, and for your child to begin her journey with Christ.

Encourage your child to journal during the process- for him to write down his thoughts. And for her to put into her own words what the scriptures mean to her. Not only will you have a precious keepsake, but your child will be developing Bible study skills along the way.

We sure do hope you like this simplistic children’s Bible study. And we pray that this precious time with your child is a blessing to you. Here’s the link for you to sign up to receive the free Bible study: Bible study

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Prayer Request Cards for Kids!

Here’s an adorable, FREE Prayer Request Card printable for you to use with your little kids. You can print these out as many times as you want…no limit. You can find this by clicking here:¬†My Prayer Requests!)

Have you child fill out a card- maybe at dinner or after brushing teeth and putting on pajamas. Prompt him or her to think about specific things to pray about to encourage this kind of thinking on his or her own. Doing this will help establish good prayer habits while children are young. It spurs them to think of others, to think of ways they can lean into God and to trust in Him.

Bonus…parents, you get the sweetest responses written in your child’s handwriting and you’ll most likely melt into a puddle of goo.

You’re welcome!

Let me know what you think of these and please feel free to share!

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Watch. Wait. Hope. A Season of Advent

fullsizerender-jpgIt’s a difficult thing…keeping children’s focus of Christmas on Jesus instead of Santa. That’s some tough competition in the eyes of a child. Especially when everything around them reaffirms the wonder of the old man in the red suit with all the magic to make children’s toy dreams come true.

We decided that Santa would be a welcome part of our Christmas holiday. And though he is a welcome part, we have been sure to always intertwine him into the Christmas story so that Santa, while a wonderful part of the Christmas season, is not the highlight.

We talk about Santa as a special man who honors Jesus and Jesus’ selfless gift of Salvation by giving gifts to others. The act of giving to someone else, of caring so much for someone else, of wanting to see joy and happiness in someone else…that’s Santa’s role here.

Santa is not the reason for Christmas. Jesus is.

So over the course of the Christmas season, we watch for Jesus.

Something visual we do is advent candles at our dinner table. Before kids and since having kids, we light the advent candles. One candle each week. And we watch the light increase as it signals the impending birth of Jesus- the light of the world.

img_1906-jpgSince having kids, we also have special readings and prayers as we light those candles. This year we found an adorable children’s book that’s actually for bedtime but the passages work wonderfully for the days and weeks leading up to Christmas.

We read about how God knows us. He chose our families, he knows how many hairs are on our heads, what our names would be, who our mothers and fathers would be.

How Mary was visited by an angel and how through her fear, she became the mother of baby Jesus.

How shepherds were doing the ordinary. Tending their sheep…their own helpless beings. How frightened they must have been when an angel suddenly appeared to give the glad news of Great Joy! How the shepherds left their own sheep to see the Lamb of God.

Over the course of the Christmas season, we wait for Jesus.

It’s so hard to wait. There’s so much expectation about Christmas morning. As we wait, we talk about how the people who knew that someday Jesus would come had to wait. They didn’t know the day or the year. They only knew He was coming. They had to endure so much while they waited and they didn’t even know when He was coming…only that He was coming. What a wait that must’ve been.

Over the course of the Christmas season, we hope for Jesus.

We hope for His return. We talk about Heaven and how, though all we know is what we’ve experienced, Heaven is better than the best things and the best days we’ve ever known. How we all may be called Home before our children get to be grown, before they have children of their own. Even though there may be disappointment in that, Heaven is better than the best Earth has to offer.

And Heaven is better than the best Earth has to offer because Jesus was born that quiet night under that beautiful star.



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Ten Second Message

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Ten Second Message

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The Gift

Guys, here’s a very special artwork I did last year and it has so much meaning to me. (The link is at the bottom of this post- just click to watch.) I think it best encapsulates Christmas story (Luke 2: 8-14) the way I pray my children envision it and how I had seen it in my mind when I was a child.

This is the Christmas story told through the movement of sand and set to beautifully contemplative music by Mannheim Steamroller called Stille Nacht.

I would love two things…

1. I do hope you enjoy this and

2. I hope you will share it with others. Not for my glory, but to spread this wonderful message with others. To remind them of this Gift.

God’s Son is the best Gift we could ever receive.

The Gift