The “thinking place” of the tongue

18033545_10213179852878882_2872415697946636224_nIt’s so funny how kids work out things…like how to hop on one foot or how to skip.

The mental obstacle course is visible in the physical action that is taking place and it is hilarious to watch. Recently, girl child and baby girl had their ballet recitals and they both did awesome!

Girl child is in her fourth year of doing ballet so she’s learning new moves but overall has a good sense of her body and how to move her arms and legs in such a way that the general sense of grace and beauty is evident. Time and practice will smooth out the “childishness” of her dance.

Baby girl? Oh sweet mercy this is another story. This is her first year in ballet and it’s more a creative movement class that introduces the classroom setting, simple ballet steps, how to point your toes, etc.  There is nothing more adorable than tiny little ballerinas who have all the grace and delicacy of a bull in a china shop!

Actually, the girls were precious and adorable in everything they did. The hops and jumps were a little “stompy” instead of gentle and light-footed, but that’s to be expected. The real gem was when the teacher had each little girl show off a feat unique to this particular class of dancers.

You see, the girls learned something that isn’t usually learned in such a young class of dancers. Each little girl actually learned how to skip frontwards AND backwards! Can you picture it now? Skipping forward is complicated enough for such young little girls and you could really see the wheels in their brains spinning as they each had a chance to skip all the way across the stage. But backwards? Oh, the mental confusion! But just like the teacher said, every little girl could do it and every little girl was going to show us!

So on baby girl’s turn, she stood up and focused on the other end of the stage then waited for the signal to start. Skip one foot, skip the other, skip, skip, skip…she was doing it!! Hands on her adorable little sequined waist and she skipped gracefully (well, mostly) all the way across. And now…backwards.

DSC_0456Baby girl stopped to reorient herself and seemingly reprogrammed her mind to reverse everything she had just done. You could see the mental checklist as she prepared to start her backwards skip but something was missing.

Ah yes…her tongue. Her tongue was missing from it’s “thinking place”. So out it came and off she went.

Doing this thing that went against everything her little body told her she should be doing, she skipped backwards across the entire stage with her little arms spread open and her little toes pointed as they came up.

Never underestimate the power of the tongue in its “thinking place”!