Our Best- Vol 1, Issue 2

Well, friends, here we are on the cusp of the next week. On the eve of the next thing that needs to be done, the item to cross off the list, or the project that needs to be finished.

Take a moment just now and breathe. Enjoy the moment you are in right now. It’s precious. The coming week is bound to have many things in it. What do you plan to focus on?

The joy, laughter, pride, and peace?

Or the difficulties, stress, sadness, disappointment?

Pick what you want to focus on. I guarantee you’ll want to look for the good. Below is a free printable note card that you can tape to your mirror, attach to your computer…put wherever you need the reminder.

Look for the good in your day…it’s there, I promise!

Be good!

The Best For Our Family

Look for the good

Printer-friendly version: Look for the good

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