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Back in the rotation!

IMG_3119.JPGWe have been gifted with American Girl dolls- really, girl child has been gifted with them. These dolls have been handed down by family and trust me, I know the value of these dolls.

Despite that, girl child and baby girl have been playing with these dolls, both together and individually, and entering into their world of imagination. Perhaps a classroom, perhaps a ballet class, perhaps even on a safari.

All I know is that they get to playing and there’s a whole narrative that they all follow and the dolls are often a part of that storyline.

So it’s nice to hear cooperative playing. Until…the inevitable screech that breaks the utopia. This particular time was a doozy.

In walks girl child holding one of these American Girl dolls…but something was amiss. Ah, yes, I see it. She has a leg missing. This is super. I’ll give you three guesses who popped the leg off? Baby girl doesn’t know her own strength. Or doesn’t care…not sure.

At any rate, here we are with a doll missing a leg. And American Girl was kind enough to make some funky contraption inside the doll that connects all appendages to the trunk of the doll- each connection protruding from a tiny hole. So there is literally no chance I can fix this thing on my own. In all fairness, neither could Doc McStuffins, so…

Fast forward to Christmas. Each child had the opportunity to go shopping for their siblings’ Christmas presents. So I took Baby Girl to Walmart. As we were wandering the aisle, I try to prompt her on reasonably priced toys but nothing is catching her eye.

Until…she found the perfect gift for girl child…and the doll:

Baby girl came up with this on her own! And it’s perfect. So now, this doll is back in the rotation of dolls to play with. The other dolls push her around in the wheelchair. And my kids inadvertently taught themselves a lesson in accepting a doll for who she is, no matter her injury or limitation.



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