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The Fournado!

fullsizerender-jpgSo…we are on the cusp of our youngest little entering a new stage of her little life.

The Fournado.

Now, I don’t usually like to assign negative-sounding descriptions to my kids…you know, like that cute shirt for your baby that says “I’m a little crabby” and has a bright red crab with a frowny face. Never really been into labeling my kids based on times they may be having a bad day (or week…or month).

This? This is different.

Fournado appropriately captures the essence that Baby girl is becoming.

What exactly is a fournado, anyway? Honestly, it’s not unique to being 4. Some kids never go through this, some catch it at 2, some wait until 3…some come out of the womb with it and some wait until 8. You just never know the blessings that await you until they wash over you with the cleansing feeling of a tsunami.

It’s basically the emergence of the strong will and confidence that so many will come to admire in the grownup version of your child. However, now? It will drive you up the wall.

Allow me to paint a picture of our little Fournado…

  • She wants zero help reaching the impossibly high object because she’s a big girl. Don’t even try to help her. Sounds mean, but it’s in everyone’s interest to give her a shot though physics and logic tells you it’s impossible.
    • Once she can’t reach said impossibly high object because (though she’s a big girl) she is all of 3 ½ feet tall, she will become frustrated that you aren’t lending her a hand. Why are you just standing there?
  • She wants to get into the car first and will pitch a holy fit unlike anything you’ve ever seen and only in full view of the entire parking lot of folks at church if boy child gets into the car first.
    • There is no remedy to this situation. Boy child getting out of the car is irrelevant. What’s been done cannot be undone. You horrible parent.
  •  She asks a question, expecting a “yes”. This question can be along the lines of “Can we go to Disney World right now?” or “Can we get a pet giraffe?” and when you answer “no”, you will rue the day.
    • How dare you? Seriously… how dare you?
  • Her balloon popped. Now, in this instance, she hasn’t yet lost her mind because she’s becoming more mature. How precious. Watch out for the ambush because it’s coming in 3…2…1: “Can you fix my balloon?”
    • Here’s the thing…there are no other balloons in the house or if the stars align and you happen to have a balloon, swing and a miss because it’s not the same color. You only have a half roll of silver duct tape and a fully filled stapler. I’d like to see you try to fix that balloon and don’t you dare say “no”.
  • She wants to dress herself.
    • Just let her. It’s not worth the fight. Your reward comes much later when you are preparing the visual presentation at her graduation or wedding.

So…here’s the forecast. We are currently in a Fournado watch with occasional gusting, howling winds and sheet rain. Expect the watch to be upgraded to a warning in the coming weeks. Batten down the hatches, folks because this weather pattern will stall over the area for the next few years.

A word of caution: don’t be a hero…take shelter when lives are in danger.



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