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Little angler

img_1130Each of our children have learned to fish at a young age and this year it was baby girl’s turn. It’s funny because nothing about casting a  lure is a natural motion and trying to convey the finesse that goes into a good cast to a stubborn three year old makes for an interesting (and potentially dangerous) activity!

Baby girl has a Tinkerbell fishing pole with an easy cast button. We attached a small whiffle ball so she could work out the timing of pushing the button and casting. I think this is the funniest part of learning how to fish. We just watch that poor little whiffle ball helplessly whip around trees, bodies or the fishing pole itself while baby girl says, “uh-oh!” each time she gets the timing wrong.

What’s interesting, though, is how quickly baby girl honed in the timing of the cast and button press. In no time at all, she was casting like a pro all the way across the yard. This is one time where I prefer just letting her work it out herself. So she can really feel the timing herself.

Fast forward a few weeks to our vacation in the North Carolina mountains. All the kids desperately want to fish so Daddy kindly gets the fishing poles assembled and the lures attached so the kids can get started…and this time, that includes a fishing pole for baby girl!

Oh she was excited to fish! She was jumping up and down on the dock with glee (I know, scaring the fish…surprisingly we didn’t have many bites on this particular fishing day!). Once Daddy handed baby girl her fishing pole with a real lure (and hook!!), she tore off to the other side of the dock to show off her casting skills.

Let me just say this…the girl can cast. It looks impressive. And she quickly drew the attention of walkers who noticed this tiny little thing casting a lure across the lake!

Now, in the midst of this awesomeness we all were beholding, we quickly realized another skill baby girl was missing…patience. She reeled that lure in just as quickly as she cast it. Every time she cast she pulled it back in without delay, completely disregarding our instruction to be still and let the lure sit in the water.

Oh well, whatever fish she missed scaring with her jumping on the dock, she managed to scare with her lure plopping into the water and motor boating back to the shoreline.

One day she’s gonna be a great fisher girl.

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