Cake…it’s what’s for dinner

img_1298Boy child has always had a little interest in cooking. I’m not sure if it’s due to the fire under the pot or the “goopiness”of the ingredients in the bowl. He loves to be a part of the preparation of whatever is being made. He loves to stir and he loves to watch things rise in the oven, bubble in the pot or pour into the pan. He’s even starting to get the idea behind recipes.

Boy child loves to help when I bake. Nothing beats throwing (yes, throwing…because he’s a boy) ingredients together in the bowl! Now, the OCD in me causes me great distress when he goes to crack an egg (read about that here: Let a kid crack an egg). But once I recover, and I somewhat manage the ingredients, boy child goes to town adding each one one at a time into the bowl as the recipe indicates.

We sniff each ingredient and sometimes taste them. Most of the time the smell fools him into thinking they taste good…they usually do not! This, however, brings a great opportunity to talk about how individually, things may not be all that great but when those things work together by following instructions they turn out awesome (and yummy!) Kind of like when we work together to do something. If we try to do it alone it may not work, but working together with others and following instructions can work great!

So, Boy Child’s baking experience boiled down (see what I did there? You can thank me later!):

Ingredients…they don’t taste good but they sure do smell yummy! A sign of things to come.

Stirring…I’m not even gonna say anything about this other than Boy Child is in pure heaven stirring.

Pouring…that’s my job. Because I just can’t handle him pouring batter into a pan yet. I’ll get there but I’m not there yet, bear with me.

Baking…I can just leave him and he’ll sit in front of the oven for a bit. It’s like watching paint dry so he eventually gets bored but he returns often to check.

Eating…it always tastes good. Always.



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