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Our furry little friend

13427784_10210046229700261_7557017754629445600_nIt’s a funny thing when you open your life up to a furry little friend.

We had decided that we wanted the kids to grow up with a dog…that doing so would allow them to know the love and trust of an animal, to understand what it means for the animal to depend on us for care and to understand the responsibility of that task.

Enter Maggie.

Maggie was a sweet little puppy who was abandoned on the side of a road at approximately seven weeks old. This dog was an adorable, fat belly with a sweet little face and stumpy little legs. We found her at the animal shelter and once her hold time had passed (to allow an owner to come forward in case she was only lost and not really abandoned), she became the newest member of our family.

And this is what we’ve been up to this summer…learning how to be a family with a rapidly growing puppy. (Our 6 pound little puppy is now a 26 pound little puppy!) On top of “just” that, we’ve also been coming to terms with what we envisioned of this puppy versus what is reality.

For instance…I am apparently not as patient as I was last time I got a puppy. 18 long years ago. Yeah, a lot has changed for me. She annoys me at times. As fun as it is to constantly be pulling small, random items from her tightly clenched jaws of fury, I would prefer it if she just chewed on the myriad of toys we’ve bought her, which are lying all around the house.

The kids had a COMPLETELY fictitious and UNREALISTIC idea of what having a puppy meant for them. Seriously…this dog was not trained at all, didn’t have any idea who we were, wasn’t really socialized, was a straight-up baby in all sense of the word and the kids pretty much envisioned Lassie. So…there was some coming to terms with reality there!

Did I mention she’s kind of annoying?

Here’s the thing…a long time ago, we had two dogs. One was a pretty cool dog and the other was our first baby. This dog was the most awesome dog you could ever want. She was a terrier and very smart; she rarely got into trouble and she was a great companion. I could read that dog like a book. *sigh* I miss that dog.

So, this new puppy of ours has some big paws to fill. Not fair to compare but I’m just being honest here. We all have a little growing to do and once we all find our rhythm we’ll be ok.

I see Maggie as eventually being an awesome dog, too. Eventually. For now, she’s a great puppy and she’s making great progress. Baby girl overcame her fear of dogs, which is great. Maggie is potty trained now (except for the occasional accident), she’s sleeping through the night (thank God!), she’s finally lost all those razor sharp baby teeth and doesn’t bite us all the time. That’s progress.

Yeah, she’ll be an awesome dog soon.


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