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Can we just finish the song?

10382645_10205854853878485_6193977542561714288_n (1)We love music at our house. We are a musical family. Lots of instrument playing, music reading, singing, and general music appreciating going on right here. Love music.

That being said…

You know, I don’t know what toy companies were thinking by putting all these cute songs in their little kid toys. I know there’s the whole “baby Einstein” thing and exposing little kids to classical music and varying musical styles & rhythms. And the kids love having the variety of music to slam through at any given point in time at the tips of their fingers. But seriously?!

Every toy has like 10 songs. Every.toy. And you know what else? Two volumes- loud and louder. Thanks, toy companies. There must be a partnership between the folks at Toys R Us and Tylenol. “Hey, we’ll get the headache going…you make sure the meds are stocked! Win-win!!”

So while we have small kids in the house, we get to enjoy *ahem*, “classical music” presented in a high-pitched, dinky music box form rather than the lush orchestra that should be playing. I swear, it’s a travesty to classical music. And the kids don’t really benefit from this “exposure”, either. You know why? I’m gonna tell you…come along with me to be witness to the madness of “exposing” children to music genres in their plasticky toys:

(Sing along with me…) All around the mulberry bush, the monkey…london bridges fa……three green and speckled… three…three…three…three… A,B,C… A.. A.. A.. A.. A.. A.. A.. A.. A.. A.. A.. She’ll be coming ’round the…she’ll be… she’ll… she’ll…. A.. A.. A.. A… A.. B.. C.. D.. E.. F.. A.. A.. A.. A.. The itsy, bitsy spid…the…the…the itsty bitsy spider went up the…

How in the world can anyone enjoy music when it’s butchered in this manner?? I mean enjoy for the sake of musicality, not enjoy because you see it drives Momma and Daddy insane in the head. Now if the name of the game is slight parental insanity then well done, toy companies.

Just once, I’d like to hear the entire song of ‘Pop, Goes the Weasel’ so the musical part of me can quietly harmonize with the melody to bring myself a moment of musical joy.

Just once.





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