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IMG_8913 (1)Lately, boy child has taken to making paper airplanes out of any rectangular piece of paper that happens to be lying around. Church bulletins, repair quotes, flyers from the mailbox- it simply doesn’t matter. This is just a part of a boy’s life, I think, and we just let it be.

However, what we weren’t quite expecting is the respect his paper airplanes receive from his sisters! When we see paper airplanes sitting idly by with no immediate flight plan, we keep an eye on them for a bit and if enough time has passed, those suckers are thrown in the trash can. Sneakily, of course…so it’s in the trash can under other random papers and kitchen garbage so as not to be seen. You know what I’m talking about…you’ve done this, yes?

Anyhow, this conversation actually isn’t with boy child…it was between baby girl and Daddy. We were attempting to clean up the family room before watching Curious George before bedtime and usually we have to give very specific instructions to the kids as they otherwise would stand around a mess saying ‘I don’t know how to clean all this up!’ or ‘I don’t know where all this stuff goes!’

Among the mess, in all its glory, is boy child’s latest paper airplane creation. It has sat there unattended for at least half the day. It must go to the trash can. Now, to convince a child to do it as part of the clean up process…and that brings us to the overheard conversation:

Daddy: “Baby girl, pick up that piece of paper” (pointing to paper airplane on floor)

Baby Girl: “What paper?” (hands up in a “what are you talking about” stance)

Daddy: “Right there…on the floor” (again pointing right at it)

B.G.: “Where??” (looking at the paper and all around it)

D: “Right there…beside your foot.

B.G.: “Where??”

D: “There! The white piece of paper…on the floor…almost touching your foot”

B.G.: “What paper??”

D: “Baby, that piece (now pointing and almost touching the paper airplane himself)…right there. On the floor. The white long piece of paper. See it?”

B.G.: (deep gasp!) “No, Daddy!! That’s brother’s paper airplane…you can’t froe (baby girl speak for ‘throw’) it away!! That’s him’s airplane!”

D: (looking over at me, smiling) “Oh well, It was worth a try…I was callingĀ it a piece of paper instead of an airplane to see if she would pick it up and throw it away! No dice!”


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