The hole of shame

IMG_8439Just look at that little angel! Isn’t she precious?!

Have you ever lost your crap with your kids? Don’t answer that…I know what the answer is.

My darling brood has the innate ability to sense when I have zero patience and tolerance left within me and it is in that moment where they access a whole new level of crazy. And I think that because there’s three of them, they think “she can’t kill all of us, right?!”

Even in the actual moment of confrontation with the little perpetrators, they have the look of fear and trepidation which quickly is washed away with giggles and laughter before they try to correct their faces back into remorseful ones…only for giggles and laughter to once again appear.

One such instance happened recently…I was so tired from taking care of illness that was running through our family. And of course, illnesses only show up outside of doctor office hours and usually after midnight. They are also kind enough to almost completely abate as the sun rises so I foolishly think to myself that whatever illness it was must have been a little fluke and all is now well.

So, I organized some activities for the kids to do in an effort to give me a moment to rest my eyes on the couch. Of course, my kids would be sympathetic to my ┬ásituation and allow me a moment’s peace.


Baby girl instantly started kicking me with her feet, thinking she was playing the “footsie” game with Momma…so much fun! Girl child and boy child noticed this fun game and decided Momma must be all better so they ramped up their shenanigans and volume accordingly.

And then the monster showed up. I lost it. And they knew it. I’m fairly sure I need to send back my mother of the year award at some point because this certainly goes against everything that mystical creature stands for.

I left the room after advising the children not to enter my presence unless someone is bleeding or the house is on fire. Thankfully, they briefly obliged.

Much later…much more composed but no more rested I received this note from girl child:

IMG_9755 (1)

Excuse me while I climb out of this hole of shame I seemed to have tripped into.

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