The story of Teddy

FullSizeRender-9This bear.

He has been with us for a really long time. Well, sort of. He is actually the second version of the original “Teddy”, who met girl child when she was three brand new days old.

Original Teddy was given a very special job one day while girl child was on an outing at the mall with Grandma. Without warning, Teddy left to go help another little girl who needed a friend. Unfortunately, Teddy wasn’t able to say goodbye and this was very hard for girl child, who was only about three years old at the time. One minute Teddy was with her, enjoying their outing and the next minute, he was gone.

Girl child was so sad about losing Teddy- he was such a good friend and they went everywhere together.

So, we began the hunt for a new Teddy. We found an exact duplicate of original Teddy and we showed girl child on the computer. We told her how this new Teddy didn’t yet have a friend and he needed one very badly. We asked her if we could bring him to our house so girl child could be his new friend.

She thought for a moment and happily agreed…but she had to wait.¬†Teddy lived in Miami, Florida and would be traveling leisurely via the United States Postal Service. So we waited and prepared for Teddy’s arrival. I must admit, this was a long and difficult wait as girl child had to do so many things without her friend for the first time and that included going to sleep all by herself. But, she did it and the day Teddy arrived she was so happy.

Since then girl child has been very careful to watch out for her little friend and even though she’s getting older now, she still has a very special place in her heart for her little pink friend. He still goes everywhere with her, though sometimes he stays in the car.

When I look at this ratty little bear, I can’t help but think of how loyal girl child is to this particular bear. He’s covered in wear spots and dingy stains that prove he’s been on every adventure and every trip with her. He’s got a floppiness about him that shows how many hugs he’s given and received. He’s got a worn little nose that shows how much he’s been snuggled.

What a great friend he is!


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