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Garden fairies

FullSizeRender-5Our kids love to play in the yard! They even help out nature on occasion, placing flower stickers on up and coming gladiolus! In fact, they love playing in the yard so much so that when Grandma was watching them this past weekend and she asked if they wanted a milkshake, they declined the offer three times in favor of playing outside in the yard. Who are these children?!

They love to catch little flying yard bugs, pick up roly polys, get caterpillars to climb onto a stick, or chase butterflies and make no mistake- each captured critter gets his own name and back story that led him to his imminent fate. Often times, there’s a whole family tree with the capture of multiple bugs of the same species. It sure does spark imagination!

We have a few garden beds with flowers that have started to bloom in the spring sunshine and there is the guarantee that these flowers will be picked by at least one of the kids, if not all of them. They like to make flower beds for fairies or special floral arrangements for Mommy.

They also like to “replant” picked flowers in their own gardens (a grassless place in the yard in which they’ve added the sandy mixture that lies in the edges of the street). By the time we head inside, those flowers are looking wilty and sad. Nothing a giant glass of water and all the delicacy a six year old has in water-pouring ability can’t fix!

Our kids also help out with dandelions by picking every one they can see and blowing the seeds all over the yard, thereby ensuring future generations of little yellow flowers, followed by fluffy dandelions. Thank you, dear children.

I used to fight the kids’ “helping hands” in the garden…insisting that they leave the flowers alone and stay out of the garden beds. Now, outside of them stepping on young plants, I don’t mind. The flowers won’t be there forever anyway and if those flowers bring them fun and joy then those flowers are theirs to enjoy.

Little garden fairies playing in the garden.


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