IMG_9203Baby girl is three years old right now and she is just beside herself at her latest accomplishment. Being the youngest of three, she is always wanting to do just like big brother and big sister.

Of course, she’s three so there’s a lot of stuff she just can’t do yet. There’s basic muscle tone to consider in a lot of things…she’s simply not strong enough yet to do things like her siblings. Like carrying her pile of folding clothes to her room so she can put them away. Do you know what this looks like?? I’ll say this…if baby girl was lost somewhere in the house, we would have a trail that leads us to her!

But last night on the way home from church evening programs, baby girl was sitting in her carseat chattering about the events of her day, including a play-by-play of some naughtiness in the nursery (her descriptions are surprisingly accurate!), when she remembered she had something extremely important to tell me.

Whatever this stuff was, it was big and the first time she told me she was so excited that her information came out too fast and no one understood her. She babbled something animatedly and watched my face to wait for my glee in her accomplishment and instead her eyes were met with confusion on my face. I asked her to tell me again and though she showed a little frustration with me that I couldn’t understand her “plain english”, she told me again.

Sadly, I couldn’t understand her! I felt horrible because she obviously was proud of herself and I wanted to share in her excitement. I asked her to say it one more time and she raised her voice a bit (in case I couldn’t hear her) and, with hands in front of her pulsing each syllable and eyes sparkling, proclaimed:

I opened a cheese stick all by myself!!!! (1)

Accomplishments. Celebrate all of them.


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