Piggy-tails makes her cry

IMG_5539Wow, so I was involved in a meltdown of epic proportions that I was not aware would happen and it centered around piggy-tails. Our baby girl is three-years old and is quite opinionated now as to her preferences for her hairstyle.

She very much likes her little hair (bangs) and she likes her long hair; however, her long hair has a tendency to fall straight down the front of her face so we have had to pull her hair out of her face with a little side pony-tail.

That little side pony-tail has since turned into a side braid because she has advised that she does not like pony-tails. (No idea why) So, her daily hairstyle is a quick brush, identify the short hair, separate it from the long hair that needs to be braided and then she decides on a color for the holder.

Just to test the “I don’t like pony-tails” statement, we have sneakily tried to pull her hair up while she was distracted by a show and holy moly, as soon as she felt a pony-tail coming on she flipped out.

So, “I hate pony-tails” is real. Good to know.

Well, recently, husband and I were talking about how adorable piggy tails were on our girl child so I had the brilliant idea of trying them out on baby girl. Considering how similar the tugging feels on her head, she was unaware of the tom-foolery that was happening atop her little crown and she allowed me to put the cutest little piggy-tails in her hair.

She was precious! A sight to behold in all of her adorableness!

And then it happened…she went to the bathroom to see why everyone was making a fuss about how cute she looked. For all she knew, she was sporting a basic side-braid and ‘what was the big deal about the hairstyle I wear literally every single day’ (I’m obviously paraphrasing, here).

She. Lost. Her. Mind.

I had to undo the piggy-tails immediately, AND let her decide on a color for the new holder for the braid I was about to do in her hair. Because on top of me violating her no “piggy-tails” rule, which we were just made aware of this morning, I used the wrong color holder.

The nerve of me.

1 thought on “Piggy-tails makes her cry”

  1. aaaahahahahha!!!! Marissa was okay with one ponytail in the back at that age (or even Pebbles style, on top of her head). Flipped out if it was two of them. Said she didn’t want “black people hair” – what the heck?! Where did that even come from?! LOL!!

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