Round crayons make me nuts!

IMG_8832.JPGOk, picture it. At a restaurant, end of a long day. Littles eager to eat and impatient with waiting for their food. They are trying to be good, but between ants in their pants and general fatigue/ hunger, being silly and cutting up is winning out.

You know what’ll fix this? Crayons and a paper menu they can draw on. Awesome…or is it?

Unless the crayons are triangular shaped crayons, this seemingly helpful gesture from the restaurant becomes my worst nightmare. Because, you know what happens, right? The crayons start rolling around the table and inevitably, the table has a little unevenness to it such that every single crayon my three darlings have will at some point roll off the blessed table and onto the dirty floor. EVERY. SINGLE. CRAYON. Thank goodness I have a flashlight on my cell phone or lord help us if we can’t see the crayon that has rolled up against the questionably sticky booth.

Either I’m going to have to go after them or fighting ensues because the child with the lost crayon doesn’t want to acknowledge it and tries to steal brother’s or sister’s crayons and the victim of the burglary starts yelling about it to anyone and everyone!

The only thing that could make this situation worse is a waiter who doesn’t get the “little kid” code. You know this code, right? ┬áDo not…under any circumstances….bring any dinner to the table unless you are bringing the kid plates to the table. Seriously…if my food is up and the kids’ food isn’t, please keep my food on the warmer until theirs is ready. I need you to do this and I don’t care if it violates your customer service timing policies.

Because what I seriously don’t need is crayons rolling all over the table AND kids that are loudly “hangry” because Mommy and Daddy have their food and the kids don’t. Yeesh!

1 thought on “Round crayons make me nuts!”

  1. Amen!!! I was a waitress for 5+ years and always remembered asking if they wanted me to bring the kids stuff out ahead of time? If not…the kids meals were still always delivered first. As a parent now….it makes sense even more!

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