Sticky Feet the chameleon

IMG_8654This is Sticky Feet…he’s a chameleon we often find around our house (he’s a toy critter, not the real thing). Sticky Feet resembles the creative play that our children display around our house and yard.

A sampling of creativity at work:

  • I may come home from work to find all of our family room blankets covering kid chairs and boxes in our family room.
  • There may be thousands of tiny pieces of paper on the kitchen floor and hand-cut construction paper balloons taped to the windows from the birthday party that was held for a stuffed animal
  • We could find several strings tied together to dangle a basket from the stairway to make a swing for some toys
  • Occasionally, I have been known to smack what I think is an actual spider or cockroach, only to find it’s a ring or plastic bug
  • The kids may have used the Christmas stocking hooks on the fireplace mantel to hang blankets and make a stage
  • The kids may have used those same hooks to hang underwear and socks from each hook…I’m not sure why
  • I might find Duplo¬†blocks inside my sneakers¬†1517500_10207625471542820_7698157076414408890_n.jpg
  • Our TV tray tables may be lined up with blankets on them to create a puppet show
  • We may find empty cereal boxes and mac & cheese boxes amongst the building materials of a fort
  • There could be rolled up pieces of construction paper all taped together to make a paper doll, or a hat, or a dress
  • Any pair of our shoes may be tied to each other to make a shoe train
  • A pile of now-wilted wild flowers is sometimes waiting for me on the counter from an earlier walk in the park
  • And Pleasant the Pheasant sometimes likes to hang out in a bowl on our counter…just because.11391582_10207262576910681_3841689643813185550_n.jpg

I can’t tell you how much I love their creativity; some of the things they come up with is really impressive.

Messiness aside, I love to see their minds at work!

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