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Goopy bubblegum toothpaste

IMG_8676.JPGAs I stated in this earlier post, we are in the throes of the “let me do it” stage with our littlest child. Really, all three kiddos like their independence so it’s no wonder that their bathroom is a total wreck most days.

A classic anti-OCD situation is a bathroom for younger children and in it you may find toilet paper on a roll, which is wet on one side because the water they poured into a cup overflowed and dribbled off the side of the counter and onto the helpless roll of TP. (Side note: that’s a fun thing to find when you’re going to the bathroom) You may also find a mirror with toilet paper lint all over it because your darling children wanted to clean fog off the mirror during bath time.

You will definitely find large clumps of bubble-gum flavored toothpaste smeared in the sink, on the faucet and remnants of said toothpaste on the light switch. And you will always find an inordinate amount of goopy toothpaste jammed up in the entire cap of the toothpaste tube. Try cleaning that mess out of there.

Tooth brushing time is fun. I say fun, I mean it’s a test in outwitting a three year-old into her letting me brush her teeth when everything inside of her is saying that she should be doing it instead. So, we try “Momma first, then baby girl”. Sometimes that works, sometimes…not so much. We may try a teeny bit of bribery…”let Momma brush first, then baby girl or no Mickey Mouse show tonight”.

Depending on the success of either plan A or plan B in recent days, we may opt for plan C…just let her do it herself and catch her next time. Sometimes it’s better to just let her have a good time and she sure does love to brush her teeth!



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