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Behold…the cupcake

I’ve started doing something with girl child that she’s really excited about. Actually, I’m excited about it, too. FullSizeRender.jpgWe have started the Adventure Club- a club where we do character building things and she earns badges for her sash that she can proudly wear. She can’t wait to start earning her badges and this evening, she got her first one for cooking.

At girl child’s request, we made cupcakes. Not just regular cupcakes, mind you, but cupcakes that are made with soda. The kids don’t drink soda ever so when she got to try a tiny bit of it, she was overwhelmed by the effervescence!


Our evening began with a trip to the grocery store to grab our needed ingredients. Admittedly, the recipe is incredibly easy…cake mix and 12 ounces of soda. So our list was short with only the cake mix, soda and frosting needed.

But girl child got to preheat the oven, open the cake mix, pour it, measure the soda, pour it, use beaters and mix the batter, and prepare the cupcake cups.

Of course, after preparing the cupcake batter and IMG_8602sticking it in the oven to bake, there is the glorious task that belongs to the baker, who has selflessly spent time making such goodies for others, to lick the bowl of all of its yummy goodness. She loved this part of baking…who doesn’t?!

It was hard for me to resist “helping” here, but girl child earned the sole right to lick that bowl and we even learned about a spatula as well as its ability to effectively scrape every last morsel from the sides of the bowl so as not to waste any part of the batter.

Another important part of baking is cleaning up after yourself. Maybe not the best part, but girl child was very amenable to this task because it’s just part of being a baker. And it gave her something to do to pass the time until the cupcakes were finished baking. Soon enough, the timer beeped and the cupcakes cooled enough to frost.

There is nothing quite like sharing cupcakes you made with your family and watching everyone enjoy every last bite of the yummiest and most wonderful cupcakes proudly made by girl child.

Congratulations girl child on earning your first badge in our Adventure Club!


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