Stinky underpants

IMG_8374.JPGSometimes I wonder why my kids think things are so funny. The non-funniest thing can have my kids in stitches and if only one thinks it’s humorous, it’s only a matter of time before that child’s laughter infects the other children and they are all bellowing away at the hilarity of the non-funny thing.

Case in point…I asked my boy child if he liked his class at church. His response? “Yes, sir, underwear!” Cue the high volume and lengthy laughter here. If I am speaking to my husband about the plain fact that the laundry that’s about to be finished contains underwear…my kids lose it.

It’s amazing to watch, though. I see them literally enjoy these unfunny things with gusto and delight. It’s almost as if that laughter and joyfulness fuels them… gives them the energy to withstand the other parts of the day that isn’t laughter or humor. Like they hop from funny to funny and the regular stuff is the dull junk in between the islands of humor they love to live on.

As frustrating as it can be as a parent trying to reel them in when I’m looking for good behavior, generally lower volume, and attention to my instruction, it’s also neat to see this shameless enjoyment in simple things.

Hearing their belly laughs, seeing them smile and listening to their attempts at telling each other jokes to illicit laughter from each other is something I know I will come to miss when they are grown. For someone who likes order, this is a lesson in patience for me…a really hard lesson that I’m still learning. Fortunately, my kids are forgiving of my impatience and every once in a while they successfully hook me into their world of crazy humor and we all can laugh at stinky underpants.

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