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God Bless Grandma

IMG_8544.JPGToday was an adventure of a very different kind…Dad was away for a special project so I was left to watch and teach the kids their school lessons. Were are quite fortunate to have Grandma living very close by so I had the thought that this would be a great opportunity to help her with a project at her house while she watched the kiddos and helped them with school.

The project? Painting a bedroom and a hallway. Armed with all the supplies I need and having had several conversations with the children about “how it’s gonna go” today, I was sure this would be easy, organized and not at all loud.

Wrong, wrong and wrong!

Grandma, bless her dear heart, had the dubious task of watching all the children while also separating one at a time from the herd to give that one a school lesson. And of course, all of the kids stopped by the bedroom I was painting several times, breached the “don’t go past this point” marker and came dangerously close to the open paint can while surveying my progress and telling me what a great job I was doing. And then each had to touch a painted wall while asking “is it dry yet?”

It’s an interesting thing to be on the top rung of a ladder, delicately painting where the wall meets the ceiling, only to hear screaming, “bad” words (FYI…the bad word arsenal of a 5 and 7 year old includes timeless classics as ‘butt, stupid, and poopy face’) and the classic “uh-oh…I spilled it”. Grandma was a good sport throughout a day that I imagine is what wrangling kittens looks like.

And the bedroom got painted. And the paint can didn’t spill.¬†And school got done. And the kids had a great time.

God bless Grandma.


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