We climbed a tree!!

Kids grow fast!

It’s almost unreal how quickly they grow up. You know, everyone says, blink and they’ll be grown. That seems to almost be true. One day recently, we ceased to have a baby in our house. She just grew into a little kid all of a sudden. One day she was a helpless baby and the next thing we know, she’s doing all sorts of things by herself!

It’s always cute to see these kids hit milestones. I can remember like it was yesterday (ha! probably because it WAS yesterday) when our older two children climbed their first tree. They had been eyeing this tree and playing around it for a few days but they hadn’t attempted to climb it. This beautiful tree in our front yard was a fun place for them and they often threw jump ropes and random toys among the branches, hoping something stuck. They were so excited with giggles when something got stuck and Daddy had to come retrieve it.

As these little ones grew more and more brave, they decided they would climb the tree. We were debating whether or not to let them climb it, not so much for their safety because we knew they would be fine, but really because we were concerned about the tree becoming damaged from so much climbing. In the end, we figured they would climb it a few times and lose interest once they reached the top.

Sure enough, that’s what happened…

402556_4988129548991_641495094_n (2)…they climbed it a few times and boy, were they proud of themselves! The first time they did it they were a little apprehensive to leave the ground for the branches of their first climbing tree. But they did it together like the best of pals. We actually hadn’t noticed they were climbing it until they yelled from the loft of their tree to tell us “we cwimed ah fust twee!”. Granted it was a Crape Myrtle and they were inches off the ground but they did it!

Ah, little kid speak. There will soon come a time when we no longer hear this sweet talk unique to little ones but we try to sear these memories in our minds for when that day comes and they no longer have those adorable little voices and unique pronunciations of otherwise ordinary words.


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