The rite of passage

So we have apparently hit the age in a little girl’s life where she believes she has a great idea to enhance her overall look. A time where she thinks “a little off the top” will go unnoticed by the population at large. Yes, every little girl at some point in her young life will grab a pair of craft scissors, grab a chunk of her bangs and recklessly clip the locks within her grasp.

IMG_8500I did this when I was about 5 years old. If I remember correctly, the stars aligned and I came up with this idea the day or so before school picture day. So lucky for me, this brilliant idea is captured for posterity. Fortunately for me, my mother “fixed” it so it didn’t look quite like the chop job I made it.

Fast forward a few (ahem) years and history repeats itself right on cue. I didn’t really notice it during the day because this girl plays hard and her hair proved it. It was all over the place. But after bath time, as I looked at my beautiful and now-clean child, I noticed bangs that took a sharp 90 degree turn in the center of her forehead.

It’s like she forgot the many conversations we’ve had about notĀ cutting her own hair. She seemed to understand, but I guess we all have to try it once. While I love seeing her sparkly, blue eyes, I would much rather see her bangs cut in a straight line. Fortunately, hair grows back and we can fix it when it does!




3 thoughts on “The rite of passage”

  1. My three year old daughter just did this last month to the side of her hair. Ironically, for months she has been refusing a haircut because she wanted her hair “long like Rapunzel.” Well, now it’s like Rapunzel’s at the end of the movie!

  2. Awe!!! Apparently my niece did this over the weekend too. Must be something in the air. I promise…I’ve seen some nasty kid hack jobs! Like you said…hair grows back!!!

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