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Let me do it!!!

I can do it myself!

Let me do it!!

No, I wanna do it!! (with the exception of holding a baby chicken!)

IMG_8440The battle cry of a three year-old. While it’s wonderful when a child begins the process of becoming independent, it does not bode well for the schedule. We are in the throes of the “let me do it!” phase right now and Lord help the person who dares to lend this child a hand.

Even in situations that are far beyond her capability- muscle strength and ability-wise- she has to try herself first before asking for help. And like always, I shall provide you with examples…I’m sure those of you with little ones are familiar with these:

Car seat buckles…doesn’t matter to her how long it takes to line up the teeth of the chest harness. She has all the time in the world to sit there and work on it.

Shoes…actually clothing in general. If putting shoes on the wrong feet was correct, she would be batting 1000%.

Pouring milk…doesn’t matter how full the container is. If it spills, Daddy will clean it up.

Dispensing soap…even if it’s about 2 feet higher on the wall than she is tall. She will make an exception and allow you to pick her up to reach the dispenser.

Zipping up her coat…she will kind of be ok with letting you line up the zipper but you better not pull it up more than a half inch or you will pay!

Opening a car door…she’s never been successful yet but has to try Every. Single. Time.

Turning on a light switch…she will reach until she almost tears connective tissue in her chest cavity but she will turn that switch on herself.

Don’t get me started on automated features of a public restroom. She is not happy when the toilet flushes itself!

So, we let her do things herself. Well, we let her think she’s doing things herself. What she doesn’t see is that we sneakily push up on the car seat buckle to feed the teeth together for her. She doesn’t feel that Daddy’s hand is at the base of the milk container.

So far we are pretty good at being sneaky but every once in a while she catches us and oh my word, we pay for that!

2 thoughts on “Let me do it!!!”

  1. Oh I remember this stage!!! Most let me do its were fine by me. I wasn’t a fan of pouring your own drinks or opening car doors. Even with my 5 and 7yr old I still have the “oh crap they are going to open their doors into the other car” moment. It’s great you let her do what she an despite the time crunches and all! My “pour my own milk” success was…”if you are a big boy enough to throw a fit to pour it….you are a big enough boy to clean up the whole mess when you spill” they didn’t like that too much!

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