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They are watching you!

Sometimes I blow it with my kids. I have these grand ideas of what an awesome parent I will be (you should see it…I really am spectacular in my mind!) and then the world comes along and sucks the ever-loving life right out of me. What does that leave me with? Zero patience for the little ones who need it most.

I love my sweet children more than I ever thought possible. And I’m scratching my head trying to figure out how in the world does everything else in my life get priority over them?! Why do I let that happen?

We certainly don’t want to raise entitled children and I will not cater to their every whim or desire. But at the same time, I owe them my attention when I’m with them. I owe them my patience and I owe them my investment in their lives. Every waking moment for them is a lesson on how to live, how to love, how to care, how to interact with others, how to prioritize and how to value things around them.

They are watching us as parents.

10406354_10204780787107487_8188676192190265174_nSometimes I see my daughter react in exasperation exactly as I know I have done to her. To see her do it to her brother or sister stings a bit because I know she got that from me. I’ve got no one else to blame that on but me. Some may laugh at the sight but I see it as a red flag that she and her brother and sister are sponging up the world around them. They’ll already get crap from the world at large once they are older and more exposed to it but they shouldn’t be picking that stuff up at home…from their mom, no less.

I give the worst folks I work with the most patience I have, the most time I have and the most effort I have. I do it for the money (we all have to at some level, I guess)…but I hate that work gets the best that I have and my family gets the crap leftover. That is so backwards, right?

That’s got to change. Now. These kids are truly awesome and I’ve got to stop wasting time.

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