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Open the Door for Her!

Have you ever been somewhere with your small children and struggled alone while others seemingly watched you fend for yourself?

This happened to me at the pediatrician’s office when my older children were young (actually, it’s happened many times) and I couldn’t believe that no one in the waiting room cared that I was struggling to push a stroller out a door while holding my baby in my arms. I mean that waiting room was, strangely, completely filled with men! Not one of them stood up and helped me. They all watched the show.

The momma bear in me scolded them as I made my way out the door, saying “You know, any one of you could have helped me with this door instead of watching me struggle, so next time you see something like this please get off your duff and help the poor woman.”

Let me say this: I know many men who would help me in that situation without hesitation- my own husband being one of them. I just couldn’t believe how many men sat there and did nothing! I mean there were like eight men in that room…all eyes on the pathetic sitcom going on at the front door of that doctor’s office!

So, having been through that experience I hereby state the following:

As a parent of a boy, I solemnly swear we will teach this boy manners.  We will teach him to treasure women- not objectify them, but truly treasure them. That means my young man will open the door for a lady, he will stand when a lady enters the room, he will pull a chair out for her and tuck her in at the table. He will open the car door for her, he will walk on the outside of a sidewalk to shield her from traffic, he will allow her to walk ahead of him into a room.

For Pete’s sake men, open the door for her!! Even if she bristles at the act of chivalry, know you did the right thing.



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