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Bathroom talk

Little boys love bathroom talk. I say little boys…little girls are like this, too. Don’t let those pink bows fool you. Little boys and little girls giggle when there’s bathroom talk. Anything about a toilet, passing gas, bottoms in general. They love to talk about it, laugh about it, draw about it…you name it.

because this is what

And these little giggle fits pop up at any moment. At church, the grocery store, during the prayer before eating a meal, while completing school work, swimming, riding in the car…pretty much whenever the kids are awake.

The kid in me totally sees the humor but the adult in me feels the need to put a stop to this kind of humor/ conversation quickly lest one of my dear children tells their grandmother about poop or a stinky bum while sitting beside her in church! So this internal conflict rages. And sometimes the kid inside wins out over the adult, which sends our children into endless laughter.

There is a “delightful” children’s poop song (there’s really no way to make this sound less gross, so sorry!) that goes like this:

Momma Mia
Poppa Pia
Baby had some diarrhea
Momma said it wouldn’t hurt so
Baby ate it for dessert

Disgusting, I know. You must remember this from your childhood. The kid inside of me giggles when I hear it.

The kids in my house giggle when they hear it, too. They love the idea of a poop anthem they can whip out at any time. And they do whip it out any time. And the adult in me regrets that they know this song…because I or my husband had something to do with them learning said song. I honestly can’t remember which one of us did it. But we often look at each other with the same thought, “this may not have been the best idea to teach them this song”.

But you know what, oh well! They know it. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s not. So we will use this as an opportunity to teach them discretion. Although I will say this particular lesson is a long, uphill battle. Uphill, near vertical hike with no water fountains or benches to take a rest, battle.

But, whatever.

Sometimes our family gets to laugh together about poop. And we have a blast.

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