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The Glitter War

I have declared war on glitter.

It’s everywhere in my house- on my clothes, stuck to the sink, in the carpet.

It. Is. Everywhere.

That’s the trouble with glitter. It’s been called the “herpes” of the craft world. Once you have it, you don’t ever really get rid of it.

So how did I contract “the glitter”?

Girl child and boy child wanted to make me something special so they went into our laundry/ school/ craft room and helped themselves to craft supplies that they were not supposed to touch.

It’s true what they say about when it gets too quiet all of a sudden. Something horrible is most likely happening. And boy did it ever.


I don’t think this picture does justice to what actually happened on this dreaded evening. An entire bottle of glitter, about 5 inches tall, was dumped out and “used” to “make” a “craft” along with the contents of two- yes, two- bottles of glue.

When they were finished, the glitter was everywhere. It was all over them, it was on the floor, there were footprints of glitter everywhere they were walking. And they kindly brought their surprise out to the family room where baby girl bumped girl child and her glitter flew in the air before landing all over the couch.

After I had “excused” the children from my presence, I was angrily preparing the vacuum cleaner to suck up as much of this crap as possible. Once I figured out that some of the glitter was stuck to the huge plops of wet glue (also on the floor), I began working around those little islands to grab as much freestanding glitter as possible. Oh, I was angry. I was mumbling how ridiculous this was and how the kids should know better and who in the world do they think they are, messing up my house like this?!

And then this quiet phrase snuck into my mind:

“For this child I prayed” (1 Samuel 1:27)

You see, we didn’t think we would ever have children. We waited well over ten years for our first child. And then we were abundantly blessed with two more soon after our first. For this child I prayed…I begged and pleaded. I asked for this mess…this glorious mess.

So yeah, I have glitter everywhere in my house. And I have children’s laughter, too. And I have to remind myself that glitter isn’t the end of the world and it’s not really all that bad to look at, considering we will be seeing it for the next year or so!


2 thoughts on “The Glitter War”

  1. Thank you for the perspective. My daughter just had her glitter tutu in the backseat of my car, she’s older now at 15, but there was glitter on everything. That includes me, the seats and every object in the car!

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