In the Beginning…

Well, not the beginning…but a new and important chapter in our lives. Lots going on and great lessons to share as we go forward into unchartered territory. So, we’ll give a little background information.

We have been married 15+ years (man, where has the time gone?!?) and about 3 years into it, we decided we wanted to have children. Fast forward 10 years (still no children) and we ventured into the wonderful, crazy world of In Vitro Fertilization. Another story altogether.

Thankfully, through that process we were blessed with our beautiful daughter.

Surprisingly (I should say pleasantly surprised) we were blessed with our energetic son with no medical intervention. Apparently whatever was broken is now fixed!

Most recently with our final embryo, we were blessed early with our sweet little daughter, born at 32 weeks and she is thriving.

Now that we have little mouths to feed, minds to nurture and hearts to protect, this daunting task has caused us to pause and reevaluate everything we have done to date. Our preemie cannot go to daycare so someone has to stay home with her for at least a year per doctor recommendation. Our older two children are beginning to learn, see, copy, and think independently. We feel it is our job to get our lessons and messages to them before the world does so they will have our “version of the story” as the standard to which all other information is measured.

Sadly, the world is becoming an ugly place and our job first and foremost is to give our children the tools they will need to combat the sin and hate of this world without losing the love and joy God has placed in each them. That is the root of our mission and that is what guides us in each decision we make. It’s the roadmap to what makes our family work great.

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